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The PGCertInfoTech consists of two 30-point courses.


Programming for Industry

This course introduces object-oriented software development, which is the dominant paradigm for developing software in the IT industry. Using the Java programming language, Programming for Industry covers the key principles of object-oriented programming, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism and composition, in addition to fundamental modelling and design techniques. Students will develop application software of moderate complexity, and in doing so learn how to apply object-oriented principles and use contemporary application programming interfaces, frameworks and tools.


Programming with Web Technologies

This course complements Programming for Industry by focusing on the development of web-based applications, which are hugely prevalent in the modern world. Knowledge of design principles and technologies for web-based applications, coupled with associated practical skills, are invaluable to individuals intending to work in the IT industry. This course introduces the key client-side technologies HTML, CSS and Javascript, as well as server-side technologies to support dynamic web pages and relational database access. Students will also learn about the usability of web-based user interfaces, and the use of mobile apps in a web application.



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