Networking and Shared Learning

The Auckland ICT Graduate School holds a number of events for our industry partners each year.  In 2017 we hosted a panel discussion titled “Diversity in the ICT Worksforce: What Will it be Like in 2025” and in 2018 another titled “The future of work is now: The impact of Technology and the way we work”.  The ICT School has also hosted lectures by Sean Gourley, CEO of Primer and Sinead O’Sullivan the CEO of Fusion Space Technologies.  These events are a great opportunity to learn from some of the stars of the ICT sector as well as a chance to network with others in the industry.

Each year we also hold a number of networking events aimed at introducing our students to industry including speed networking evenings, aimed at introducing up-coming intern cohorts to industry and Industry Q and A Panel events which allows our students to interact with ICT industry representatives, find out more about their companies and what working for them is really like.  For companies this is a great opportunity to expand your brand awareness with the future generation of ICT professionals and let them know what is important to you as a company.

If you would like to be invited to our upcoming events please contact

Amanda Zieltjes (at The University of Auckland) or Alvin Yeo (at the University of Waikato).