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ICT internships are an important component of the Master of Information Technology (MInfoTech) programme. Internships provide a unique opportunity for students to deliver on a real-world project, with the support of the University and their employer. For companies wishing to attract new talent, industry internships provide a chance to work with and recruit the next generation of rising ICT professionals.

The aim of the internship is for students to gain industry experience and the company is expected to provide a working environment that helps to build and develop the student’s professionalism. The company also assigns an industry mentor to host student(s) during their internship.

The minimum duration of the internship is 400 hours (10 weeks full-time), and during this time students work on a real-world project on site with their industry host. The project you provide to students must be IT related, and the content will be agreed between the industry mentor and the Industry Engagement Manager. Projects to date have been varied; for example students can be part of an ongoing project from the development team or testing team; they can be involved in a small hands-on implementation project or pilot; the intern position can be a developer role, project management or a technical consultant role.

The students gain credit for the internship, as they do with other courses that they undertake at University.

  • The MInfoTech Internship is full-time for 10 weeks.
  • Each year we have two groups of students seeking internship opportunities, one mid-year (July to September) and the other over the summer period (November to February).
  • The company pays $6000 plus GST to host an intern for 10 weeks (400 hours).
  • You can access talented ICT interns who are keen to learn and add value to your organisation. This is a fantastic opportunity for your business to capture one of these burgeoning ICT talents. We’ll match their skill set and experience to your requirements, providing a risk-free resource that could help you to launch one of your projects.
  • If you join with us as an industry partner the benefits are many and you’ll find yourself in excellent company.
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To request access, please email the Industry Engagement Manger.

Process for setting up an internship

  • Contact the Auckland ICT Graduate School Industry Engagement Manager, who will be involved in every step of the process.
  • View the students’ profiles and CVs online and provide the Industry Engagement Manager with your interview short list. The Industry Engagement Manager will coordinate interview times.
  • Once you have a preferred intern the Industry Engagement Manger will work with you to define the project and sign the required agreements which include a Letter of Understanding between the company and the Auckland ICT Graduate School.
  • We will assign an academic supervisor to the project, who will liaise with your company mentor.
  • For 10 weeks, our student interns with your company. During this time they will report regularly to their academic supervisor. At the end of the internship, they will present a talk and submit a report that reflects on their role and experience at your company.