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The Auckland ICT Graduate School, a partnership between the University of Auckland and Waikato University, began in 2016 with Government start-up funding, to deliver more of the skilled IT graduates that the country needs. The School provides programmes for ICT graduates and non-ICT graduates, who have strong critical thinking, communications or business planning skills.

We work with an Industry Advisory Group (IAG) whom provides support and advice to ensure we produce highly-skilled ICT graduates. Joining the IAG provides companies with a unique way to work with and support the upcoming generation of rising ICT Professionals.

Guest Lectures

We want your innovators and leaders to share their knowledge and experience with our students

We invite speakers from industry to share their knowledge with our Masters and Postgraduate students exposing students to different areas of the NZ technology environment, imparting knowledge of work ethics, the skills required in the workplace and how students should prepare themselves for the workplace.

PostGraduate Certificate in Information Technology workshops introduce our students to the breadth of tech opportunities. We invite speakers across all areas of IT (i.e. data analysis, cloud, AR/VR, software development, security),  to discuss where that sector looks to be heading, and describe what background students need if they want to work in the area.

The lecture series for our Master in Information Technology students is more focused and aims to help students develop their understanding of the business environment.
Topics covered include:

  • Personal and Professional Integrity & Ethics
  • Awareness of Global Dimensions of Intellectual, political and economic activities
  • Innovation and Creative Thinking
  • Ideas and Lifelong learning
  • Networking and Do’s and Don’ts in the workplace.
  • What’s happening in the presenters workplace and their area of interest.

Networking and shared learning

Auckland ICT Graduate School holds a number of events for our industry partners each year and have included panel discussions around diversity and leadership in the future, and hosted lectures by tech stars Sean Gourley, CEO of Primer and Sinead O’Sullivan the CEO of Fusion Space Technologies.  These events are a great opportunity to connect and network with others in the industry.

Each year we also hold a number of networking events to introduce our students to industry partners and intern providers. Speed networking aimed at introducing upcoming intern cohorts to industry; Q&A Panel events so our students can interact with ICT industry representatives and find out more about their companies and what working is really like.

For companies this is a great opportunity to expand your brand awareness with the future generation of ICT professionals and let them know what is important to you and your company.


ICT internships are a key component of the MInfoTech programme, providing a unique opportunity for students to deliver on a real-world project, with the support of an industry mentor and an academic supervisor.

For companies wishing to attract new talent, industry internships provide a risk-free opportunity to work with and recruit the next generation of rising ICT professionals. Each year we have two groups of students seeking internship opportunities, one mid-year (July to September) and the other over the summer period (November to

The duration of the internship is 400 hours (10 weeks full-time), and during this time students work on a real-world project on site with their industry host. The aim of the internship is for students to gain industry experience and the company is expected to provide a working environment that helps to build and develop the student’s professionalism. The students gain credit for the internship as they do with other academic courses and are required to complete a number of assessments based on the internship project.

Internships provide a number of benefits to employers:

  • A risk-free access to talented students with relevant skill-sets and knowledge
  • Access to potential new ideas of motivated students who are keen to learn and work
  • Potential to collaborate on R&D with staff from the Universities of Auckland and Waikato
  • Contribute to New Zealand’s economy by training the next generation of ICT professionals
  • Mentoring of an intern provides an opportunity to develop leadership qualities in current staff

The ICT Graduate School internships are paid internships. Companies provide $6000 +GST in funding per intern. From this the students receive a grant. Callaghan Innovation offer R&D Fellowship Grants and R&D Career Grants, which may be applicable. For further information contact Callaghan Innovation directly.

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