Guest Lectures

We want your innovators and leaders to share their knowledge and experience with our students

Each year, we invite speakers from industry to speak to our Masters and Postgraduate students with the objective expose students to different areas of the New Zealand technology environment, imparting knowledge about work ethics, skills required in the workplace and how students should prepare themselves for certain industries in New Zealand.

The Postgraduate Certificate workshops introduce our students to the breadth of IT. We invite speakers in to introduce the area of IT they work in (i.e. data analysis, cloud, AR/VR, software development, security),  discuss where that sector looks to be heading in the future, and describe what background students need if they want to work in the area.

The lecture series for our Master students is more focused and aims at helping students develop their soft skills and an understanding of the business environment within New Zealand. Topics covered include

  • Personal and Professional Integrity & Respect of Ethics. – What is meant by Professional ethics and how to maintain your personal integrity at workplace?
  • Distinctive quality of Aotearoa/New Zealand – To discuss the distinctive quality of New Zealand and where the software/IT sector stands in NZ economy.
  • Awareness of Global Dimensions of Intellectual, political and economic activities – An awareness of international and global dimensions of intellectual, political & economic activities and the impact/effect of those activities to the ICT sector
  • Innovation and Creative Thinking – How to be creative and think outside the boxes. How to turn the innovative & creative ideas into business/applying to commercial products? What innovation looks like in the workplace?
  • Ideas and Lifelong learning – An enthusiasm for ideas, discovery and learning, and intellectual curiosity as a basis for lifelong learning and for an informed contribution to society
  • Networking and Do’s and Don’ts in the workplace.
If you would be interested in presenting to our students please contact

Cathy Forth (at The University of Auckland) or Alvin Yeo (at the University of Waikato).