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Auckland ICT Graduate School Internship Programme

ICT internships are an important component of the Master of Information Technology (MInfoTech) programme and provide a unique opportunity for students to deliver on a real-world project, with the support their industry mentor and their University supervisor. For companies wishing to attract new talent, industry internships provide a chance to work with and recruit the next generation of rising ICT professionals.

Each year we have three groups of students seeking internship opportunities, one mid-year (July to September), one over the summer period (November to February) and a smaller cohort in Semester One (March to June.)

The duration of the internship is 400 hours (10 weeks full-time), and during this time students work on a real-world project on site with their industry host. The aim of the internship is for students to gain industry experience and the company is expected to provide a working environment that helps to build and develop the student’s professionalism. The students gain credit for the internship as they do with other courses that they undertake at University and are required to complete a number of assessments based on the internship project.

Internships provide a number of benefits to employers:
  • Access to talented students with relevant skill-sets and knowledge
  • Increase visibility of employers and attract more talent to their company
  • Access to potential new ideas of motivated students who are keen to learn and work
  • Potential to collaborate with the staff from the University of Auckland and the University of Waikato
  • Contribute to New Zealand’s economy by training the next generation of ICT professionals
  • Mentoring of an intern provides an opportunity to develop leadership qualities in current staff.

The ICT Graduate School industry hosted internships are paid. Companies provide $6000 + GST in funding per intern, from which the student receives a grant. Alternatively, companies can choose to pay interns directly.  There is a possibility for the company to receive funding through Callaghan Innovation.  For further information contact Callaghan Innovation directly.

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For further information about the Internship Programme please contact:

Deb Crossan (Auckland)
Industry Engagement Manager
+64 9 923 1213
Alvin Yeo (Waikato)
Developer Auckland ICT Graduate School
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