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Auckland ICT Graduate School

Getting prepared

A key course in your Master of Information Technology is the 10-week (400-hour) full-time internship. This integral component provides a unique opportunity for you to work on a real-world project while developing your technical expertise. Your internship will be completed either in industry or within the University.  Our partner businesses are some of the most respected in the ICT industry, and through your placement you’ll have the chance to learn the practical application of emerging technologies.

The internship is a University course that contributes to your overall degree. It gives you the opportunity to apply the business skills you have learned through workshops, as well as the technical skills you have learned in your other courses. During your internship you will be supported by an industry mentor  and an academic supervisor, who you will report to regularly. At the end of your internship you will reflect on your experience, and deliver what you have learned in a report and presentation.

Your internship is a priceless opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge, skills and performance, while preparing you for a career in the fastest growing sector in the world.

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