Meet Sharath

Sharath Bhopal

Master of Information Technology

Before joining the Auckland ICT Graduate School, I studied Electronics & Communications Engineering (ECE), and I was working as a Business Technology Analyst.

I chose to study a Master of Information Technology (MInfoTech) to give me a better chance at a successful IT career. The MInfoTech allows students from different backgrounds to learn ICT; because my study was in Electronics & Communications Engineering, I felt I would be able to broaden my knowledge and pick up the skills I wanted.

I liked the MInfoTech’s practical approach to modern industry problems. The programme had a range of papers that helped prepare me to work professionally with software.

In my last semester, I interned with Orion Health and worked on a failed message application that supports the functionality and reliability of an asynchronous pipeline with micro-service, domain-driven industry-standard architecture. I delivered a Proof of Concept for the application that was deployed on the staging site for testing in real-world scenarios. Deploying software solutions for real-world use has been the highlight of my career so far.

The MInfoTech programme had a practical approach, and I think the internship was critical in helping me find employment. It is where our learning was applied and tested, which helped us to upskill. I’m working with Orion Health as a Junior Software Engineer now, and this wouldn’t have been possible without the internship.

For those thinking about enrolling in a programme through the Auckland ICT Graduate School: mindset is most important. Knowing what your goals are for after you complete the course will help you apply yourself and get the most out of studying.