Meet Preethi

Preethi Nair

Master of Information Technology

I chose to pursue the Master of Information Technology because I wanted to get a deeper understanding of emerging technologies, data science, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, all areas which will be leading the future of the IT industry. I wanted to expand my skillset to be competent for this future – the MInfoTech will be an important milestone in order to take my IT career to the next level.

The University of Auckland’s reputation is among the top in the world. The varied curriculum of my programme gave me the liberty to choose the subjects I wanted to specialise in. Students are able to choose courses according to their interest, and you’re not restricted to any specific area of study. I felt as if I could approach University staff at any time and they would be happy to help. 

My masters programme has been a defining experience in my career so far. I’ve become specialised in data mining and big data, cryptographic management, adaptive enterprise systems, digital innovation, information systems research and project management. I received four ‘First in Course’ awards and one certificate for outstanding achievement, and, during my internship, I worked on a Microsoft Azure cloud-based project, which was recognised and published on the organisation’s website. I was able to achieve all this while working as a Principal Engineer in Iqvia and managing a family. I recently got a role as a senior software engineer for Contract Eagle.

In the future I see myself in technical leadership roles in designing and developing enterprise-level software solutions. In particular, I have a keen desire to learn and work in emerging technologies. I’ve driven by my passion to learn and excel in the fast-growing tech industry. 

I was lucky to receive a New Zealand Excellence Award (NZEA) – a scholarship that enables Indian students to experience New Zealand programmes of study. The award covered part of my fees.

As a family we have used the University’s Accommodation Services, and we have really loved our stay here. A well maintained environment is to be cherished, and the University’s accommodation for families is a great help. 

I have made friends from all different walks of life who have a deep passion to learn and grow. All put together, studying at the University of Auckland was an amazing experience for me and my family.