Meet Rose

Rose McColl

Postgraduate Certificate in Information Technology and Master of Information Technology

Meet Rose who has completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Information Technology followed by a Master of Information Technology. Rose’s first degree was a Bachelor of Biomedical Science majoring in Molecular Pathology, but she wanted to develop her interest in IT.

The flexibility provided by the master’s programme enabled Rose to select courses across a broad range of areas combining business and technical prowess and helped prepare her by developing her analytical thinking skills, thought processes, logic and problem solving. Overall, this combination of factors cemented her thorough enjoyment of the programme.

During her internship, at Theta, Rose had the opportunity to demonstrate these skills by working on a project in innovation and R&D. During this project, the partnership she forged with her fellow intern was beneficial in the exchange of ideas and the formulation of resolutions to the complex challenges faced.

At the conclusion of her internship, Rose was employed by Theta and integrated into the team to continue her excellent work on this project.  Her on-going employment by Theta has been funded by a Callaghan Careers Grant with the objective of commercialising this project to market.

Should you like to emulate Rose with a career in IT, contact us early to discuss your course options to ensure we can make the right fit for your interests and objectives.