Meet Suchi

Suchi Undevia

Master of Information Technology

Prior to pursuing a career in information technology, I had been working as an architectural graduate with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Architecture. After four years in the architecture industry, I decided to switch careers and pursue Information Technology. In my research (and consultation with some friends in technology), I found that Master of Information Technology with Auckland ICT Graduate School, was the best course.

In this course, I enjoyed learning and exploring a wide range of subjects, including software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, and cloud architecture. Ultimately, this helped me decide the technology areas I wanted to pursue.

One of the standout aspects of Auckland ICT Graduate School is the strong connections it fosters with the wider New Zealand technology industry. The programme provides valuable workshops and internship opportunities that helped me to gain a wealth of knowledge on the current market demands. 

As part of the Master’s degree, my internship was with Parkable. It was a great opportunity to learn and be mentored by industry experts. I joined Parkable as a full stack junior developer and have been working with a great team on some exciting and complex products.

If you’re considering pursuing a career in information technology, I highly recommend the Auckland ICT Graduate School program. You’ll have the opportunity to study a range of industry relevant subjects and work alongside the professionals, opening up a wide spectrum of opportunities in the tech space.


Suchi Undevia