Meet Weijun

Weijun Mao

Master of Information Technology

I chose to study the MInfoTech because of the real workplace experience offered by the integrated internship. 

I joined the University with a commerce background, with the faith and interested in IT, and I’ve really enjoyed the many opportunities to work with groups of people both at uni and in the work environment. 

At Fidelity Life (a New Zealand life insurance company) I was part of the delivery team to develop a billing system which allows customers to pay insurance recurrently. The work go online soon. 

A highlight for me is finding my true career path after coming from a commerce bachelors degree in finance and information systems. I’ve successfully experienced multiple commercial software development projects and I hope to learn more. 

I would like to specialise in web development as the start of my career. I’d then like to try to experience different areas of IT software development as much as possible, such as mobile development and system development. In five years I’d like to become a full stack developer. 

In the future I hope I’ll learn both technical skills and also personal skills. Eventually, I hope my work will help me to plan life goals and achieve meaningful things in my life. 

I’m driven by the belief to become stronger and better.