Meet William

William Asiata

Postgraduate Certificate in Information Technology and Master of Information Technology

When I graduated with a BSc in Mathematics a few years ago I wasn’t really sure what kind of career I wanted to pursue. I went around trying out a few different jobs and discovered the procedures and technologies used in many businesses and organisations were somewhat behind where the latest technologies were heading in a digitally connected world. That’s when I decided it was a good time to get on the ICT bandwagon and advance my software development and data science skills. In this programme, you have the opportunity to learn advanced theoretical and practical concepts across both computer technology and business managerial fields. This provides a balance of scientific, research, management and leadership skills. I have chosen to focus on artificial intelligence, distributed computing, database management and cyber security, as well as the design and analysis of adaptive enterprise systems within complex world environments. These are very stimulating topics. I expect this qualification will lead me into a junior software development or data science role, and at some point down the track I’d like to work as a technology consultant or manager for a government agency.