Theta with Jim

Rose and Jim from ThetaOpportunities in IT and technology are rising and Theta, a technology consultancy specialising in digital, analytics, business solutions and system management, is one organisation keen to engage emerging IT talent.

Jim Taylor heads up the innovation lab at Theta, responsible for product development and research into new and emerging technologies. Interns who join Theta often start in Jim’s team.

Rose, one of our graduates who undertook an internship at Theta, worked on a project related to REF/REFI and Jim was very impressed with how Rose and another intern working on the same project seamlessly integrated into the team and demonstrated their keen interest in the project. Jim was also pleased to see the independence they showed – looking ahead to tasks beyond just those given to them at the time.

Jim has now hired Rose to join Theta’s innovation lab and continue the work started during her internship. Her position is jointly supported by a Callaghan Innovation R&D Grant and by Theta.

Jim’s positive experience means he’s keen to work with interns again. He also notes that an internship has other benefits to participating companies – including helping other employees develop mentoring and leadership skills.

Is your company looking at potential intern opportunities? Get in touch with Amanda Zieltjes (at The University of Auckland) or Alvin Yeo (at the University of Waikato) today.